The”mixed version”of AJAX shoutbox

the day before yesterday , i found a new nekobe's AJAX shoutbox and Pierre's AJAx shoutbox

so i use my leisure to combined the "mixed version" to defend the spam.

I use the "Pierre's way" to do the first shield and the "nekobe's way" to do the last shield.

The "Pierre's way" can let me reduce to ban the spammer's IP.

I put the file here . if you need just to take it.


thanks to nekobe and Pierre first.

I just talk with Nekobe elder , he think a new way to defend the spam , but not to do it , he think bannimg the spammer's ip is enough to him.

the new way is use a <input type hidden> , when you click submit button , use the javascript to insert some thing. 

Maybe this way is feasible.


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